Rajasthan School of Law for Women, Jaipur

  • Anushree Rajawat, Shreya Swami, Dilpreet Kaur, Kavita Janewa, Subh Kanwar Rathore and Bhagyashri Dingra (Sem IV) – Currently interning at Rajasthan State Legal Service Authority from April – May 2023.
  • Anjali Meena, Aashna Bishnoi, Khushboo Meena and Charul Bharadwaj (Sem III) – Internship at Rajasthan State Legal Service Authority (1st March-1st April 2023)

  • Ayushi Vashistha and Mansi Choudhary (Sem III) – Interning as Campus Ambassador under (2022-23) 

  • Soha Aziz Khan (Sem III) – Internship under Advocate Jyotish Kalathy (1st -28th Feb,2023)

  • Daksheeja Sharma (Sem III) – Internship at Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission (31st Jan- 17th Feb,2023)

  • Ayushi Vashistha (Sem III) – Currently Interning under Advocate Wajat Ansari (2022-23)

  • Aayushi Sharma (Sem III) – Internship at Rajasthan State Legal Service Authority (1st March-1st April 2023) and is currently interning under advocate Satyajeet Karale Patil (6th March-6th May 2023)

  • Kiran Bosiya (Sem I)1 month internship at ubadvocate (2022-23)

  • Nikita Srivastava (Sem I)1 month internship at Success Boat (2022-23)

  • Sajal Yadav and Palak Raj (Sem I) – internship in Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission in Secretariat (2022-23)

  • Shweta Meena (Sem VIII) – Internship at session and hc for 3 month 1nov. 2022 to 28 Feb 2023 under Adv. Priya Rastogi.

  • Neha Jasuja (Sem VIII) – Legal Intern under Dr.Vibhuti Bhushan Sharma (AAG) (1st Nov – 30th Nov 2022)
  • Nikshita Verma  and Upasana Verma (Sem VIII) – Supreme Court under Advocate Nikhil Singh for 1 month (04.06.2022 – 03.07.2022 ).
  • Students of the college once again successfully completed the Bar Library internship held for 15 days. They never miss the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge, here they learnt about the various topics which includes : Writs , RTIs , Vakalatnama, Attendance memo , cyber laws, Digest, journals and AIR legal search software

Sessions attended with (In Library):

  1. Dr. CB Sharma IPS (IGP Retd.)
  2. Sh. CP Sharma (DJ Retd.)
  3. Adv. RL Agarwal (DJ Retd.)
  4. Adv. Hitesh Bagri (RHC BAR Association).

They visited Hon’ble Justice VS Dave, Sr. Adv. Sudhir Mathur (BKG Law Firm),Dr. Tapesh Mathur (Animal Laws), BAR Library and Registrar Office.

  • Students of Rajasthan School of law for women successfully completed an offline internship under Mr. Devendra Mohan Mathur, Advocate, Rajasthan High Court for 1 month (August, 2021). They learned about the intricacies of consumer law, drafting and pleading of consumer complaints and appeals, court visits, etc. They had an enriching learning experience
  • Neha Jasuja of Semester 4th was selected for a virtual internship Under Senior Advocate Pradeep Rai Sir (Vice President – Supreme Court Bar Association) for the month of October, 2021.
  • Third semester students successfully completed their internship at SIDART NGO under Dr. Pramilla Sanjaya, founder of SIDART from 19 April 2022 – 4 may 2022. Students got immense knowledge about POSH ACT, its rules and procedure. They researched about organisations having POSH committee. Students visited Railway Divisional Managers Office, Jaipur and interacted with POSH Committee Chairperson Ms. Pooja Mittal (DCM/JP). Students also visited Jawahar Nagar Police Station , Jaipur and had interaction with Sub-inspector Tara Chand Sharma and Head of Mahila Desk Mrs . Rekha Meena. They were shown Male & Female Lock Ups , Swagat Room , HM room , & Record Room.
  • Students of Semester III of the college did an internship at Vividha NGO, Gandhi Nagar. Over there they got an opportunity to visit various MSSK centres in Jaipur, one stop Crisis management centre like Aparajita at Jaipuria Hospital, shelter homes such as Shakti Stambh through which they gained practical knowledge and primary information about the crimes related to women. A one day mental health session by Dr. Pradhya was also attended by the students which again proved to be knowledgeable. The head of MSSK East Gandhi nagar Mahila Police Station Dr. Renuka Pameja guided all the students and made them aware about the issue and their solutions in the society.
  • Students from second and third semester of RSLW successfully completed their volunteering at Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority at Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur under ADJ Mr. Anutosh Sharma for the purpose of Lok Adalat which happened on 14th May 2022. Students learnt the importance of Lok Adalat for minority section of society. They got to know about the work of Lok Adalat at grass root level. They also got immense knowledge regarding the Compromise/Mediation process done between parties of the cases. Students got opportunity to meet retired and active hon’ble judges of Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur and under their guidance they learnt the so many things.
  • Students of the college successfully completed an internship of 4 weeks under renowned consumer law Adv. Devendra Mohan Mathur from 15th April, 2022 to 15th May, 2022. During the internship students not only gained knowledge on consumer protection law but also visited Consumer court and got a chance to interact with one of the eminent judges in the court. This internship opportunity was provided by the college itself in order to provide a better, practical insight to students in Consumer Law.