Club and Committee

Rajasthan School Of Law for Women

Club and Committee


The club is an idea conceived by Dr. Vartika Arora, founder Principal of Rajasthan School of Law for Women, Jaipur to encourage discussion and deep rooted understanding in the subject of Constitutional Law. The club aims to cover various aspect of the subject which cannot be covered in the classroom due to several constraints. The club undertakes activities in the form of special lectures, competitions and exhaustive discussions that augment further understanding of the students in the field of Constitutional Law.

Dr. Vartika Arora, Dr. Disha Bangarva, Ms. Nirupama Gehlot


The club is the student committee entrusted with the responsibility of administering all moot related activities at RSLW and to establish high standards of excellence in the field of mooting. The club will be organizing extensive workshop, demonstrations, moot court competitions, mediation, arbitration and client counselling to enable students to learn the process of mooting from very basic to the most intricate details.

Dr. Disha Bangarva, Ms. Khanjan Sharma, Ms. Ankita Singh


The club is an initiative to inspire socio-legal writing among the students at RSLW. It aims at exploring issues relating to the interface between law and Society. The club would be conducting and facilitating research and activities relating to convergence of legal and social fields. It will maintain reading groups, film screenings, talks, workshops, seminars and conferences as a means of academic engagement.

Ms. Purnima Gautam, Dr. Surbhi Parakh, Dr. Disha Bangarva


Everyone is an artist the need is to give a glance only. The cultural club of RSLW ensures a platform where students can show case their hidden talent by participating in various cultural events and celebrations. The club regulates and encourages the participation of students in cultural activities in house and outside the college.

Ms. Purnima Gautam, Ms. Ankita Singh


Student Grievance Redressal Committee redresses the grievances at individual and class level with utmost confidentiality and ease. The committee maintains a conducive and prejudiced educational environment. Complaints of students and parents are redressed and focus will be on timely and reasonable solutions.  

Ms. Purnima Gautam


Discipline and Anti-Ragging Committee is responsible to ensure that students maintain discipline in classrooms and within college campus. Ragging is strictly prohibited; punitive action will be taken against students who are found guilty. Feel free to contact the committee members for quick redressal of the problem. Nuisance and unethical activities will not be entertained at any cost.

Dr. Surbhi Parakh

IPR Club

IPR club promotes constant awareness about IP’s such as patent, copyright, trademark, design etc. The club created a conducive environment in the academics by organizing expert’s lectures and looking forward to workshops, seminars and conferences.

Ms. Purnima Gautam, Ms. Khanjan Sharma

Legal Aid Club

The club is marked with the object to spread legal awareness and promote justice and equality. The club undertakes the responsibility to encourage students to solve the challenges faced by the ignorant people of society and make them aware of their rights and duties by organizing activities like poster presentation, roadshows, street plays and various interactive sessions.

Dr. Surbhi Parakh, Dr. Disha Bangarva, Ms. Khanjan Sharma

Internship committee

The objective of the club is to encourage students in improving their practical skills in law by engaging in weekly or monthly internships. The internship inculcate team work, time management and maintaining a controlled environment with co-interns. It develops logical acumen, articulated writing and speaking skills in law students. The committee regulate and arrange internships for the interested students in various NGO’s, Law Firms and with eminent lawyers.

Ms. Purnima Gautam, Dr. Surbhi Parakh, Dr. Disha Bangarva, Ms. Khanjan Sharma, Ms. Ankita Singh

Oratory Club

The bustle of a lawyer is to play with the words. For a law student it is important to learn the art of public speaking. Oratory club aims to improve student’s speaking skills. Students would be encouraged to participate in MUN, elocution, debate competitions. Oratory activities would help in inculcating litigating skills, confidence and ensure overall growth and development.

Dr. Surbhi Parakh, Ms. Ankita Singh

Media Club

Media Club aims to develop professionalism amongst the students. The basic objectives of the club are to develop skills of digital marketing, video production, photography, VFX editing, managing and coordination of events for enhancing their personality.

Ms. Purnima Gautam, Dr. Surbhi Parakh

Book Review Club

Exercise of brain is the only key for the sharp memory and thinking. Book reading is a best tool for it. It ensures valuable knowledge and improve communication skills of a law student. The club with the aim of activating all book worms in students organizes book review activities such as Passion into Action, Pen and Paper Hub: My Pen, My Sword and so on.

Dr. Surbhi Parakh, Ms. Ankita Singh

Sports Club

The Sports Club is devoted towards ensuring a good physical as well as mental wellbeing of the students. Sports inculcate team spirit, sportsmanship, bonding and make students aware of the sports law. RSLW Sports Club organizes sports day, online sessions for yoga and sessions on Women’s Health time to time.

Ms. Khanjan Sharma, Ms. Nirupama Gehlot

Prevention of sexual harassment of women at workplace committee

The college has established Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee in accordance with the guidelines of UGC and the Supreme Court to provide safe and healthy atmosphere to the students. The committee aims to prevent harassment against women by keeping regular checks, organising gender sensitization programmes and other like nature activities.

Ms. Purnima Gautam, Ms. Shweta Gaur